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Project definition

We interpret a project as a unique task, orientated towards a particular goal with a defined beginning and end.

In practice these are very complex tasks which are difficult to plan regarding content and extent and which request a long passing time.

Organizational projects have the purpose to define or to modify processing and/or structural organization in order to improve the efficiency of an organizational unit. They have the goal to regenerate the status within a group of persons involved in the same process, with information and training as fundamental elements.

Investment projects have the task to define tangible assets, to have them produced, to put them into operation and to let them work. The goals have to be defined qualitatively and quantitatively from the engineer's point of view. Furthermore all relevant key figures for the project controlling gave to be delivered.

Development projects have the task to achieve experimentally new skills and to develop products of improved composition. With this project we expressly set the goal beyond the current state of technology and take into account that these goals might not be reached.