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Why Process Simulation?

Most of the modelling tools used in practice (e.g. CAD or spread sheet) create only static process models.

The dynamic behaviour of a planned system can be qualified only after the final system specifications are realized with the help of expensive prototypes or, even more expensive, in the real "living" system!

This situation can be improved by using socalled simulation systems which are able to model static as well as dynamic contents of a planned system and can already be analyzed during the planning phase.


The benefits for the customer are the following:


  • Creating a transparent and appraisable basis for the optimization and rationalization of all production and service processes (actual value vs. target value)
  • Alternative scenarios can already be considered during phase of planning
  • Low expenditure of resources for the company
  • Avoiding of „intuitive finding of solutions“ und „religious wars“
  • ROI (return of investment) within few months
  • Precise and practically realizable measures which are easy to control