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Advantages of Process Simulation

  • By using process simulation as planning aid costs for development, maintenance and construction may be considerably reduced, because unpredictable developments within the system can be amended much earlier.
  • The tool "simulation" allows to model commercial and technical systems completely and detailed in depth which can be predefined by the customer. These virtual systems (models) can be executed on the computer and yield a result referring the dynamic attitude and the interaction of system components as well als the effectiveness of planning measures before they are actually realized.
  • At the same time the simulation enhances the comprehension of the interrelations within the real system. As a result the employees are able to work more efficient during operation and also in case of malfunction.
  • For very complex projects it was found out very quickly that exactly for these reasons experience alone was a quite unreliable basis for planning.
  • In order to increase planning reliability and planning speed and to visually describe the variable raw data, J.A. project engineering has been using the method "process simulation" since 2002 in machinery and industrial planning as well as in re-engineering production, business and service processes.